OSHA Releases Preliminary List of FY 2019 Most Cited Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced the preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2019: 1. Fall Protection – General Requirements (6,010 violations)2. Hazard Communication (3,671 violations)3. Scaffolding (2,813 violations)4. Lockout/Tagout (2,606 violations)5. Respiratory Protection (2,450 violations)6. Ladders (2,345 violations)7. Powered Industrial Trucks (2,093 violations)8. Fall Protection –
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Sentry EHS update image

Sentry EHS Is Getting an Upgrade

Sentry EHS is getting an upgrade. We have been working behind the scenes to bring you the following improvements: Attachment Icons: In Sentry List View, an icon now appears if there is a document uploaded to that task. Tank Field: The tank field has been updated to include state and federal inspection dates, allowing tank compliance
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EPA’s New e-Manifest System

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is implementing its new nation-wide e-Manifest system beginning June 30, 2018.  With the promise of adding significant streamlining to the tracking of hazardous waste shipments, EPA has been working with states for several years to make this a reality. The use of the e-Manifest system is voluntary for now. 
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