Product Overview – Sentry EHS

Sentry EHS was created by EHS Managers, for EHS Managers

Sentry EHS® is a web-based task tracking tool built by St.Germain to help companies maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations and manage related data.

EHS regulations are extensive and complex, and the senior staff at St.Germain have been using their regulatory knowledge to help clients since 1992.

At its heart, Sentry EHS is a task management system with an extensive database of EHS tasks researched and summarized by our team of compliance experts. Sentry EHS is tailored to meet varying needs through the collaboration of our information systems managers with our senior regulatory specialists, scientists and engineers. This knowledge base is the value that sets this solution apart from other task management systems.  Working with you, together we’ll:

  • determine which tasks apply (i.e. federal, state, fire and safety codes, Best Management Practices);
  • customize those tasks to your needs;
  • define the frequency and due dates;
  • assign responsible parties within the organization; and
  • put it all together in an easy to navigate online calendar, document management and reporting system.

Users can login to see what to do when, and check off items as they are completed.  You can also upload compliance records – forms, inspections, lab results – and track them in Sentry EHS.

Because the goal of an effective EHS management system is to get all members of an organization to take ownership of EHS compliance, Sentry EHS will be a valuable tool to see that everyone is completing tasks on time and submitting key documents, at one facility or across a hundred facilities.

Sentry EHS allows business leaders to track permitting activities.

Emergency response information will be at your fingertips wherever you travel.

Sentry EHS allows you to focus on the broader goal of proactively managing compliance instead of only reacting to crises.

Click here to schedule a personalized demonstration to see how Sentry EHS gives you the edge you need to stay on top of the ever-changing world of environmental regulations and your business operations.